A day in the life of a type 1


3.am. As a lot of type 1’s would agree, my day regularly starts in the middle of the night. If I wake up to turn over, use the toilet, check on my son, I will also usually test my blood sugars. Today is no exception. Lucky I have checked, as it’s gone down to 2.8 – scarily this is happening more often – since I’ve got my Hba1c down, I’ve lost my hypo awareness. I make a mental note to ask (aka beg) my diabetes nurse for a CGM next time I see her. I eat my sweets and 5 minutes later and it’s hit me. Shaking, sweating and dizziness. Lovely. Nothing to do but lie down and wait for it to pass.

3.30am. Back to sleep, woop! I will be woken up by a very cute, very loud 3 year old in a few hours and need my sleep!

6.45 am. Mummy!! Can we go downstairs and have some Freddies (he means Shreddies) please!! I stumble down the stairs and make my son his breakfast, whilst testing my sugars again. Oops – 9.2, as per usual my low blood sugar has been followed by a high. Not too bad though, definitely had worse. I give myself a little correction of insulin, via my new Omnipod (loving it) My husband cleans Shreddies off my son, the table, the floor, whilst I make myself my eggs. Super jealous of the boys having cereal, but it sends my blood sugar a bit mental and I find no carbs is the best breakfast for me.

8am. Today is Saturday, woo! My son has Rugby Tots in a bit, so we have a bit of pyjama time in front of CBeebies, then get ready.

9am. I test my blood sugar again – Rugby Tots calls for parent participation (the only way to get a bunch of pre schoolers to cooperate) so I set myself a temporary basal for half an hour.

9.30am. Yay! my son got ‘Man of the match’ Celebratory high fives all round.

10am. A bit of shopping. This is a bit of a nightmare for a lot of type 1’s. It still amazes me how low blood sugars can go just from having a wander and trying on some clothes! I set another temporary basal and buy a top that I really shouldn’t, but it’s oh so pretty and I don’t care, I’m having it.

11am. We take my son to the play area in the shopping outlet. He runs himself silly, whilst we have a break. I test my blood sugar again – on track at 6.8 and give myself a little bolus for my latte. This is a new thing, but after a while I realised that with all the milk in a latte I really needed a little boost of insulin.

12. Lunchtime. Bloody starving. Off we go to a child friendly restaurant. “No, son we are NOT going to McDonalds” Hey, nothing against it, but he would eat there everyday if he had his way. Can’t blame him really, a free toy with lunch is pretty cool.

Now I’m on the Omnipod eating out is sooo much easier – no injecting in public (in my injection pen days) and no rummaging in my bra for my Medtronic (in my Medtronic pump days) I use my handy little remote control to administer my insulin, which looks a bit like an OAP’s mobile phone, but hey, just call me retro.

2pm. I test my post meal/post shopping blood sugars (I know, I test a lot. 8 times a day usually. It’s the only way I can maintain good control and stay healthy – it’s worth it) looks like the combination of a fairly high fat/high carb lunch and the shopping has been a good combo – 7.2. Marvellous.

4pm. I do a bit of cooking and baking, whilst darting across the living room to keep my son entertained. My husband’s doing the same – gardening and in and out to play. When did we turn in to a couple who cooked and gardened??!! Anyway, that question is for another day. My son ‘helps’ me decorate cupcakes and I try to stop myself and my son from eating the entire lot. Just a taste, or I’ll get high blood sugar and he’ll turn in to a crazed wild beast.

7pm. The boy is in bed. I love him more than is fathomable, but I do a little dance, as now I can have a glass of wine. It’s a night in with the husband and some friends tonight. Eating a lot, later in the night is always a tricky one for us type 1’s. I know, it does my head in sometimes, but you learn to live with it!

I test my sugars and calculate the amount of carbs in my food, as best I can and set myself an extended bolus. This really helps when you’re eating a lot and you have different courses of food.

11pm. I have bit too much wine (obvs) and test my blood sugar again. 8.1. Not too bad, considering. plus if it was any lower I’d prob set a lower basal for the night, as alcohol lowers your blood sugar. This way I leave it as it is and it should be ok in the morning. Then I’ll do it all again!