Why my omnipod is my bff

I first delved into the world of the insulin pump about 4 & a half years ago. At this point I’d been living with type 1 for over a decade and I was apprehensive and excited in equal measure. I was put on a Medtronic, which at the time seemed to be the go to pump.

All in all I loved pumping, but had a few gripes with the Medtronic, so after a year or so I decided to look into alternatives. At the time my son was in the terrible two’s phase and found great joy in ripping my cannula out. This and a holiday where he wanted to spend the entire week in the pool (like most boys his age) made me want a waterproof and tubing free pump.

Tada!! In walks the Omnipod into my life. In reality it took a year of me bugging my lovely diabetes team & doing a “lalala I can’t hear you” when they said they couldn’t get funding for it.  I may have been close to restraining order territory, but I got my Omnipod in the end. Wahoo!

I’ve now been on the Omnipod for two years and I LOVE IT. It’s the best. I also like not having to dig my pump out to bolus or set a temporary basal. The bg tester/remote control it comes with is so much easier & in public you just look like you’re having a retro moment and using a relic of a phone. I’m fine with that, the 90’s are making a comeback don’tcha know.

It was also fantastic during pregnancy – two pregnancies with type 1 – not for the faint hearted. Let me tell you, pregnancy was so much easier with a pump.


Day to day I find that not having to unclip to shower is so much easier and I also don’t have to worry about getting tangled in the tubing when I sleep. The Omnipod is so small (smaller than an egg) that I can easily wear it with most of my clothes, without giving it a second thought.

It’s also very durable. My 10 month old loves trying to pull it off, but she hasn’t succeeded yet! I find I think about it a lot less than I did my Medtronic. For a busy working Mum of two little monkeys that is key. Anything to make my life easier.

I also have less pump fails than I did on the Medtronic. I’m gushing a bit now, aren’t I? It is that good though.

I’ve written some more on the difference between pumping and injecting, in case you’re new to pumping in general, or thinking about getting an insulin pump.

I’m yet to come across a pump that looks as appealing as the Omnipod. It’s very easy to hide away, but also it fairly inconspicuous even if it is left uncovered (hello approaching summer!!) My only worry was having to carry around the remote control, but lets be honest, fellow diabetics – when did you last go anywhere without all of your kit anyway? The fact that it also doubles up as a  blood tester was the icing on the cake for me – no more room taken up in my bag.

All in all, I think you can tell by now that I big smiley face heart my Omnipod. Now off I go in to the sunset with my pump.


Published by

Sarah Jordan

All singing, all dancing type 1 diabetic. Living in Cardiff with my beautiful son, daughter and husband. Deputy Regional Manager at the Royal College of Physicians. Twitter - @SarahSmjordan

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